Locked Out – We have seen it all

People get locked out of their houses or vehicles all the time. It’s always extremely frustrating. A purse can get stolen or lost, the lock can jam or you might have forgotten your keys inside. In the winter, a lock can freeze and jam everything shut. Lockouts are some of the most frequent calls we receive, and it DOES happen to everyone.
Mr. Locksmith is the locked door specialist. Our Emergency Service is opening doors for people 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
All of our emergency work is really serious, which we treat with discretion, but sometimes we get a story about a locked door that always makes us smile.

Locked-Out-CatMy Cat Locked Me Out…. Again!

Recently I opened the locked door for a homeowner who said his cat had locked him out as he went to get the newspaper. Good thing he had his cell phone with him. An emergency locksmith was at his door in less than 30 minutes. When we finally did open the door, look who was waiting to greet us.


The Case of the Hungry Iguana

Locked Out in VancouverI was responding to a lock out in the Vancouver area. A home owner had been renting their basement suite and the tenant had changed the keys and moved out. They hadn’t been heard from in a week. I quickly picked the door lock, only to find that the entire basement suite had been turned into a cage for a giant iguana, which was now looking at me like I was intruding on its home. I say to the homeowner, “there’s a giant Iguana in there” and she smiles and replies, “Oh do you want it?”

As it turns out, the Iguana hadn’t been fed in weeks. We tossed it a few heads of lettuce before we called the SPCA to give it a good home. The homeowner was given a new set of keys for the basement suite door lock.

In Chastity We Trust

This story did not happen to me, but to a colleague of mine. A customer called saying they were locked out of an old fashioned lock and it was an emergency. My colleague has the most experience with old fashioned locks and lock outs so he was dispatched and quickly arrived at the destination. To his observation, all of the exterior doors had new deadbolts installed, and when he knocked on the door he was quickly rushed upstairs and into a bedroom. There, 2 people were standing in the room. One was wearing a chastity belt; the other was holding a broken key. Everyone burst out laughing.


In summery

No one locks themselves out on purpose. I’ve opened the door for young mother who was accidentally locked out in the cold, naked lovers locked out on condo balconies, and I’ve opened doors for landlords and Strata Property Management companies who have water gushing out from under a locked condo door (several have been Grow Op leaking water). Mr. Locksmith works with the police when they need a door opened.

What all these lock outs have in common is that Mr. Locksmith Vancouver got them in, got them safe, and did it all for less than $100.00

Being locked out is frustrating and stressful. It helps when you have a friendly and reliable locksmith at your fingertips, able to show up to your emergency lock scenario in less than an hour. Mr. Locksmith Vancouver opens all locked doors from Weiser front door locks to High Security locks to outdated and old chastity belt locks.

I don’t know the nature of a cat. I don’t know if its playfulness or spite that makes a feline paw the lock shut behind its owner. I don’t even know if it’s possible for a cat to lock a door. I am no cat-owner, but the owners swear the “Cat did it.” I am a locksmith. What I do know is that no matter how you get locked out, Mr. Locksmith Vancouver will get you back in.

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