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Rekey Locks Kitsilano

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Locks keep the outside world from entering your living area. They provide a sense of comfort by securing your loved ones. Be it your home or commercial unit, you reserve the right to enter your property through the keys you own. Naturally, these keys are of paramount importance as they determine whether you’ll be able to access a certain area. This is exactly why people try their best to keep the keys with themselves when they leave the house. However, unwanted incidents can always happen and people can sometimes, lose their keys. On the other hand, locks can become damaged due to a variety of factors. If you live in a place where it rains a lot, your locks are more likely to get rusted. In such cases, the damage done can render the key useless, and the only option left is repairing.

Lock Rekeying

Instead of changing the locks, our technicians can replace old keys with new ones to keep you secure within your living space. We do this vigilantly to ensure that no damage is done to the doors.

  • High quality and efficient lock re-keying
  • Fair prices
  • Peace of mind – you will know that old keys will no longer be able to open your locks
  • Fully trained and professional locksmiths
  • A 24 hour service

You don’t have to worry about unauthorized people having keys to your property any longer. We are licensed and insured. And we have the skills and experience to fully secure your property with new keys that you can control.

We have an experienced team who can talk you through your options and give you the best possible security advice. Give us a call today for a free lock re-keying quote, and make your home and business secure again.

Lock Re-Keying for Homes and Businesses

Does someone have keys to your lock that they should not have? Have you just moved into a new home but unsure about who previously had access to the keys? Lock re-keying is the answer. Lock re-keying alters your existing lock so that the old keys no longer fit. It is a quick, practical and affordable way of ensuring the security of your new home.

Lock re-keying is similarly important for commercial premises, from offices to retail spaces to storage units. If you have moved to a new location or have remodeled your building, lock re-keying is the solution. It is also an important security measure if you are unsure whether previous employees still have keys and can access your buildings.

Mr. Locksmith  offers a reliable and professional lock rekeying service. We can assess your locks and advise you on the best course of action. We have experience with all brands of lock, and all types, including high security locks. This means we will have the right solution for you

Rekey Locks Near Me Kitsilano

Mr. Locksmith  offer professional Lock Rekeying services for home or business to clients in Kitsilano BC, High quality and efficient lock rekeying.

What is a Lock Rekeying?

When a professional locksmith re-keys a lock, they remove the inner pins and springs of the lock, and replace them with brand new ones. This essentially gives you a new lock without having to actually change the locks. Often new homeowners will get their locks re-keyed to remove master pins left by contractors during construction, ensuring only their key will continue to open the door.

A good locksmith will certainly advise you on whether re-keying is worth the expense, or if you should consider upgrading and simply replacing the keys. After evaluating your lock, they’ll help you design a security strategy moving forward that will help you decide the right course of action. And if re-keying is right for you, you can count on them to do the job quickly and professionally

Change Locks Kitsilano

As a residential and commercial locksmith company, we have spent many years developing our craft by working with a variety of different locks and we provide state of the art service of lock change in Kitsilano Vancouver. With our lock change experts in Kitsilano, you can be sure that you lock will be changed very promptly and at the highest industry standards.

Whether you need a home door lock change or car door lock change, Mr. Locksmith will do your lock change in Kitsilano in the most professional way.

We understand that changing a lock is a delicate procedure that takes expertise to accomplish. Since we have worked with many different lock types and brands over time, you can be rest assured that we have the experience and expertise required for your lock change job.

Some of them include:

  • Home lock change in Kitsilano
  • Office lock change in Kitsilano
  • Panic Door lock change in Kitsilano
  • Glass Door lock change in Kitsilano
  • Revolving Door lock change in Kitsilano
  • Car lock change in Kitsilano
  • Motorcycle lock change in Kitsilano

Lock Repairs

We fix broken, rusted, and faulty locks in your home or business facility to eliminate the possibility of unauthorized access

Installation Services

Our top-notch locks can be used to secure doors, windows, safes, and even entire areas. We install your desired locking systems to maximize your security and convenience

Opening of Locks

Our professionals can resolve lock-out emergencies at incredible speeds. Regardless of the type of lock being worked on, we guarantee that our service will satisfy your needs.

High-security Locks

Our iron-clad locks are nearly impossible to break. Whether it’s a home or an office building, our locks will keep you and your people safe at all times

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Rekey Locks Kitsilano

Rekey Locks Kitsilano