Ford Focus Ignition Jammed

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Does the ignition jam on your Ford Focus? Unfortunately, this is a common problem. The overwhelming amount of faulty Ford Focus ignitions has resulted in a class action lawsuit on behalf of California residents who “either own or lease a Ford Focus, or who have paid to repair or replace an ignition lock in a Ford Focus.”

Does your Ford Focus ignition have one or more of the following symptoms?

  • Difficulty in turning the key in the ignition.
  • Sticky ignition.
  • Key is dirty after removing or turning ignition.
  • Unable to remove the key.
  • Key locked in position.
  • Key will no longer turn the ignition.

If you are experiencing ignition trouble with your Ford Focus, get it looked at immediately. If caught early the problem can be an easy repair, but if can quickly become a much larger problem.

Mr. Locksmith is the only trusted automotive locksmith in the Vancouver area. We have a 24 hour automotive specialist, on call at all times, with over 20 years automotive experience.

The Ford Focus sidebar ignition cannot be repaired and must be replaced.

We replace your broken Ford Focus ignition with a quality replacement product from Strattec. Strattec parts have been designed without the problem components. If you use the use other products they have the same design faults and the lock may fail again.

If your ignition is just starting to give you problems call us now to save money and headaches.

Bonus! We can rekey the ignition to match the car door locks so you don’t have to carry two keys for your car.

The cost for our mobile automotive locksmith to remove, rekey and replace the Ford Focus ignition is $225-$295 (+ tax).

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