Be aware of unlicensed locksmiths advertising low rates on Google

We have said it before, I know, but this message is worth repeating every once in a while as this scam is still being used every day in Vancouver as well as several cities in Canada and the USA. ­

These locksmith scam artists are taking advantage of emergency situations to rip innocent people off hundreds of dollars.

They reach their “preys” by advertising low rates on Google AdWord. The typical ad claims  that they charge only $35.

You can easily see what the ads look like if you Google “locksmith Vancouver”. Right at the top of the search results you are going to find a list of unlicensed. These are paid ads that look something like that:

Scam Alert

The problem is – They never charge only $35. Once they are onto the job, they will disassemble the locks and demand exorbitant prices to finish the job. At that point the home or car owners  find themselves in a difficult situation and are forced to yield to the demands. Many times these phony locksmiths will rely on bullying tactics or threaten to call the police if the consumer doesn’t agree to pay the ridiculous price.

How the avoid scam locksmiths

I would say the easiest way to spot them is the very low price. If you are still tempted to use a seemingly affordable locksmith keep on reading:

When you call an unlicensed locksmith company they will typically quote you  an extremely low introductory price. But interestingly enough they will never agree to guarantee any final price. This is one of the most noticeable signs of a fraudulent locksmith. As a standard rule in the industry, a licensed locksmith should be able to tell the assured price from the year, make and model and the location of your home or vehicle.

Another way to tell a fraud is from the vehicle he arrives in. If it is not marked with the brand and name of the locksmith, you are dealing with an unlicensed hoax. He should be fully clad in uniform and have a name tag on it.

An accountable and genuine locksmith will be licensed, insured and bonded. A reputable service will ensure that you are talking directly to a technician when you make that first call. They will instantly inform you the final amount you will have to pay. Besides, they are well trained and have years of experience in the industry. They will get all the details from you like a professional and you could tell it from their tone. So the next time you search for a legitimate locksmith in Vancouver, make sure that you are not reaching out to those frauds hidden behind the Google Ad words.

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