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Love Locks on the Pont Des Arts Bridge in Paris France caused a partial collapse of the famous bridge. A love lock or love padlock is a padlock lovers lock on a bridge or similar public fixture to symbolize their love. Usually, you engrave your names on the padlock, lock it onto the bridge and then throw the keys into the Seine river below below to symbolize their unbreakable love.

The Pont Des Arts Bridge is a famous landmark city footbridge that links the Louvre museum to the Saint Germain neighbourhood over the Seine river is starting to buckle under the weight of locks left behind by couples looking to declare their love. Just visible upstream from the bridge is the Gothic Cathedral of Notre Dame. It has been estimated there is approximately 60-90 metric tons of padlock metal on the bridge.

Paris actually has Two Love bridges , the Pont de l’Archevêché and the Pont des Arts, are probably the most well known love lock bridges in the World. One bridge is for “lovers” and the other bridge is for “the love of your life.”

Another good destinations include Cologne (Germany) and Rome. The Ponte Milvio bridge in Rome is also a popular love lock bridge. Some people believe the trend started here, inspired by the 2006 novel, I Want You, by Federico Moccia. (Note: Video coming soon).

Others believe the tradition started in the Huangshan Mountains of China. The legend goes that two lovers threw themselves from the mountain rather than be separated by an arranged marriage. Today lovers climb to a bridge in the mountains, add a lock to it’s chains and throw the key down into the valley below.

Master Lock made a website where you can pick a lock, pick a bridge and send a love lock to your lover.

Burrard Street Bridge in Vancouver British Columbia is an unofficial Love Lock Bridge. City work crews repeatedly remove padlocks from the Burrard Street Bridge. Also, the chain link fence just east of the Plaza of Nations on the False Creek seawall is another location of Love Locks.

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