Top 3 Screwdrivers for Locksmiths | Mr. Locksmith Video

Top 3 Screwdrivers for Locksmiths | Mr. Locksmith Video

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My top 3 Screwdrivers

Let us talk about three of the must have tools you have to have for your locksmith kit. Every one locksmith must have these three tools: Megapro set, Hex set, and the Tamperproof kit.

The Megapro set

The Megapro set – this is the original and inside it it has the flatheads, the Robinsons, the Phillips and some torques. That is absolutely fantastic. It’s a go-to tool. It’s always there, it’s got the tools.

The next one on my kit – the Hex set.

The Hex set

The Hex set – It’s got all the basic or the most popular sizes in it. You have to have this  screwdriver if you’re a locksmith because so many times you’ve misplaced your Allen keys. This is, a must have, fantastic tool. Especially we’re getting a lot of European made locks out there. you still need complete Allen key sets, but you can just grab this and 90% of the time, if not more, this will do the trick.

The other one is the Tamperproof kit.

The Tamperproof set

Tamperproof kit – This is the MegaPro. What it is, it’s for taking out the tamper-proof screws. It’s got all the most popular tamperproofs and torques an dthe flatheads with the holes inside. It is really, really cool.

So these are the three must have tools for everybody. You gotta have these in your locksmith kit. The original MegaPro, it’s got the most popular screws you’re going to run across every single day. The Hex, because you’re running across a lot of these in locks now, more and more all the time, this will probably, used 90% of the time, you’ll still need an Allen key set but it does the trick. And the Tamperproof. This will do for taking out those one way screws that are flatheads and it’s got the special bit for taking out the one way flatheads. It’s got the hex with the hole in it and the torques with the hole in it. Must have tools for the locksmith. For a beginner or a pro, this is a lifesaver. Have a good day. I hope you enjoyed watching this video.

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