Locked Out of Your House Vancouver? We Can Help!

Locked Out of Your House Vancouver

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This is a common occurrence and often happens when someone has damaged your lock, your key broke in the lock or you’ve lost your keys.

If you happen to get locked out of your home by whatever means, you can trust Mr. Locksmith to get you back in. In 95% of cases we can get you in without damage to the door or lock.

We always attempt to pick the lock first!

Our first attempt is always to pick the lock and open the door, without damaging it.

We are experts at picking every type of lock, which means we have a better chance of opening your door, than most of our competitors.

What happens if the lock cannot be picked?

In the unlikely event that the lock proves to be un-pickable, or when you have a pick resistant lock, we will simply drill open the lock without damaging your door.

Has your lock been damaged?

In the case that your lock or door has been damaged, we’ll either fix or replace it for you on the spot.

Our technicians carry a wide range of locks, from low cost high grade door locks, all the way up to high security exclusive keyways, so we’re able to replace any type of lock you have, with an equivalent quality and security level.

If you key was stolen, and you are concerned the thief has access to your home, we can rekey your lock and provide you with a set of new keys.

We always carry the necessary tools and accessories to fix the problem, and re-secure your premises before we leave.

Our 24/7 emergency mobile service has professional locksmiths ready to help you, and are bonded and licensed by the Government of British Columbia.


Be aware of scam locksmiths

When you are locked out of your house, this is usually an emergency situation. Unfortunately, there are many unlicensed locksmiths that may try to take advantage of your situation. They advertise a very cheap rate, which tempts you to call them. Since these locksmiths are not trained, they usually are not able to pick the lock, and instead will drill into even the simplest lock. Eventually they will tell you that the cost is much higher than what was originally quoted, leaving you frustrated and with much higher costs.