How to Dial and Change Safe Combination Lock Part 001 | Mr. Locksmith Training

How to Dial and Change Safe Combination Lock Part 001 | Mr. Locksmith Training.

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This information is typical of a Sargent & Greenleaf (S&G), Ilco, or LaGard Safe Mechanical Group II Combination Locks.

Combination Operating Instructions:
To unlock the safe use the “Opening Index” (located at the 12 o’clock position) on the dial ring for each number. You must dial the combination precisely without backing up.

– Left 4 or more turns to the left (counterclockwise) stopping at the first number “20”
– 3 turns to the right to the 2nd number stopping at “40”
– 2 turns to the left to the 3rd number stopping at “60”
– Right to open: turn the dial to the right until it stops moving.

There are a few safes out there that are R-L-R instead of L-R-L. In that case, you utilize the same procedure except that you would reverse the direction.

Note: See upcoming videos on “forbidden zone,” drop point, opening locked safes, combination lock maintenance, troubleshooting, safe tools and the most important tool to open a safe!

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Mr. Locksmith How to Dial & Change Safe Combination Part 1