ABLOY® Protec Authorized Dealer

ABLOY® Protec Authorized Dealer

Abloy ProtecOne more feather to our cap; Mr. Locksmith™ is now an authorized Canada dealer for ABLOY® Protec locking systems. This is in line with our vision to provide our clientele with high end security options.

About Abloy

The firm Abloy was founded in the year 1907 and has since cut out a niche for itself as the number one producer of locks. The company has risen to world acclaim through sheer skill, dedication and provision of the most secure locks. Our locks are not only drill resistant but also pick-resistant. In fact, to our credit even the older generation locks are still holding their ground in terms of security. as such, we can easily say that Abloy is a cut above the rest when it comes to high security locking devices.

Notable Features of Abloy Locks

One of the features that have made these locks especially revered in security matters is the fact that they are built to be drill resistant. The locks are designed from hardened steel and come with think anti-drill plates to support this course. This separates the Abloy locks from that of other manufacturers who often use brass fitted with hardened inserters. Additionally, the anti-drill plate comes with a feature that is fully free spinning to ensure that a drill does not go through. By spinning over 360 degrees the drill bit is constantly taken out of position thus preventing access through drilling. Other than that, these locks have a number of steel parts as well as an anti-pull side bar. In cases where we deal with locks that are prone to attacks, we have designed a 1/4″ anti-drill plate that takes care of the front of the cylinder. The uniqueness of our security features is part of what makes our clients happy with the products that we provide.

That aside, we have developed the Abloy disk detainer locks. These locks have a self-cleaning design that keeps the dirt and other foreign material from sticking on the locks. They simply fall out of the lock, when the key is either inserted or removed. The lock also does not have the exposed springs or other parts that may hold dirt fragments ensuring your lock is always clean. The locks can be used in a variety of environments without losing their ability to securely lock the premises. Additionally, we provide a line of padlocks that have been IP68 certified, which is the highest IP rating. This line of padlocks is also known as the Super Weather Proof (SWP). It offers you excellent protection against liquids, salt, dirt even under pressure and over a long time.

To add to Abloy’s list of goodies, the Abloy Protec2 comes with a master key system that has up to 1.97 billion possible combinations. All these have been designed to not only provide you with security but also convenience. Additionally, the locks come with a new anti-wear system to keep the keys from wearing out over time.

Abloy Protec2®

Let’s talk a little about the Abloy Protec2. This is the next generation of Abloy’s genius in terms of lock provision. The locks themselves are more or less similar in terms of design to the original Abloy Protec. However, they do come with some additional technical features in order to increase the security of the premises on which they are used. The keys for these locks have been designed with a movable part in order to reduce cases of counterfeiting. Additionally, the company has sought a patent legally forbidding the manufacture or creation of 3rd party key blanks. The original patent has been granted until the year 2019, while the Abloy Protec2 patent is valid until 2031. For many years, Abloy has maintained its pulse on new cutting edge technology with regard to security locks. However, we have maintained the tradition of key blank control, which has been extended to other providers as well. What you can be assured is the quality of our product will never go down.